Located in Europe, Finland is bordered by Sweden and Russia. The country naturally exudes an aura of beauty, features breathtaking landscapes, friendly weather, and welcoming locals. Here you will find all you need to make your vacation the most memorable ever. Renowned for being one of the most visited destinations in Europe, Finland is relatively small in size but has one of the best road networks on the continent. There are loads of classy hotels and world class restaurants to cater to your needs. You can find the deals on our Website. Finland is home to over 200,000 lakes and islands that shouldn’t be missed. Some of the top places worth visiting on your trip to Finland include

The Sibelius monument ranks among the most visited places in Finland. Located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, Sibelius Monument was built in honor of  Jean Sibelius, a  renowned Finish composer. The giant edifice was designed by Ella Hiltunen, and it was formally launched in 1967. This monument is made up of 600 hollow pipes that are welded together in a wavelike form. This massive sized edifice attracts tourists in large numbers yearly. If you are planning on visiting Finland for your next trip, then you should consider visiting this magnificent monument.

This museum clearly illustrates the profound history and culture of Finland which dates back to the 19th century. The museum houses a large collection of archaeological objects and beautiful artefacts. The National Museum of Finland offers visitors the chance to learn more about the rich historical past of the country. The museum is home to the largest collection of Mesa Verde items


Strategically located in the heart of Helsinki, Finlandia Hall attracts millions of people each year. It is a general purpose hall and has played host to lots of high profiled activities in the country. Designed by Alvar Aalto, this incredible attraction is an architectural masterpiece and one of the iconic landmarks in the city. . Featuring an astonishing structure that will most definitely take your breath away, your trip to Finland will be considered incomplete without visiting the FInlandia Hall

Designed by two professional artists of international standard, Toivo Jantti and Yrjo
Lindegren, Helsinki Olympic Stadium dates back to 1938. The stadium is renowned for its exceptionally creative artwork. The stadium which played host to the 1952
Helsinki Olympic Games attracts loads of sport loving fans and tourists annually. One of the must visit places is the Sports Museum of Finland, where you will be astonished with incredible exhibits on display including trophies and medals.


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