Visiting a destination and seeing the sites is not enough these days. With the constant entertainment afforded to us by technology, people are becoming less impressed way more often. If you want to travel in a way that will surprise you and bring some wonder back into your journeys, try staying at one of these quirky hotels on your next vacation.

The Hershey Lodge, Pennsylvania

Located in the town of Hershey where the street lamps are shaped like Hershey Kisses and the air smells of chocolate, the Hershey Lodge offers a truly exclusive experience. While the hotel itself is luxurious, it may not appear visually different from all the others. However, their services are what really sets them apart. Upon check-in all guests receive a complimentary chocolate bar and each restaurant offers specialty chocolate cocktails. The most interesting part, guests can arrange a chocolate bath right in their hotel room.

Wigwam Village, Arizona

Originating in the 1950s, this vintage hotel was once a stopping point for road trippers on the historic Route 66. With classic cars and neon lights, the site creates an atmosphere where the 15 wigwams offer a comfy home to travelers with all of the regular comforts. It’s a lot more like glamping than camping and guests will still have access to beds while they live out their inner childhood dreams.

Kokopelli’s  Cave B&B, New Mexico

When else will you get to sleep in a cave without worrying about bats, giant insects and creepy dark corridors? Kokopelli’s offers the unique and luxurious experience of staying underground in a state that is actually famous for its caves (don’t forget to visit Carlsbad Caverns!) The fully furnished rooms are located 21 meters below the ground of a cliff that is made from sandstone that is over 60 million years old. Not only is this experience unique, but it gives guests the most private of hotel experiences.